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Melbourne Show Girls

Melbourne Show Girls

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Melbourne Dancers
Moulin Rouge Dancers Melbourne


The unique dance show from the world famous cabaret in Paris. Perfect for your party, event or wedding. The sensual yet cheerful act is fantastic to see. This Cancan is a real hit at your party. This is one of the most booked dance shows. During about 15 minutes dance act we also involve the audience. Besides the dance show our entertainers are available for a nice photo opportunity with our beautiful dancers.

The show consists of 10 to 30 minutes of dancing and can be completely adjusted to the event. It is also possible to expand the show with more dancers to increase the party feeling even more
The French cancan is one of the most booked shows in our repertoire and always creates a good vibe and great atmosphere. During the show you will definately enjoy you self and same time impressed by our beautiful, flexible dancers and killer outfits. 

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